Needle-Free Freezing

At Dental One, since we are a downtown clinic, we can appreciate that many of our clients are going back to the office to work after their dental visit. We know that being “frozen” can be a real inconvenience as well as uncomfortable. That is why we are pleased to offer needle-free freezing as an option to conventional freezing techniques.

We are now able to provide our patients with dental care that is more comfortable and relaxing than ever before. We have recently added a device called the WAND (which does needle-free freezing) to our office and the response has been tremendous.

Dr. Vishal Sharma

WAND STA Single Tooth Anesthetic SystemAt Dental One, the WAND STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia System) is used for dental anesthesia on as little as just one individual tooth! Since the WAND means that only the specific teeth we will be working on will be frozen (NOT your cheeks, lips, tongue and face), when you go back to the office, you won’t look like you’ve just been to the dentist!  Best of all, the wand is NOT a traditional dental needle!

If you have a fear of needles, then the WAND is the solution for you. It is a comfortable tooth freezing device that does not use a traditional needle.  Best of all, the WAND only freezes the individual tooth or teeth that are being worked on.  This means you don’t have to contend with a frozen lip, tongue or cheek for hours after your dental appointment has ended!

Our Patients who have tried the WAND tell us that the injection is painless …. and that it’s the best freezing they’ve ever had!

Who can use the WAND?

The WAND is great for anxious patients! So if you have a fear of dental needles or dislike the feeling of being frozen from conventional dental procedures, we have a great alternative for you.

In the video below, Dr. Vishal Sharma of Dental One in Downtown Calgary, Bankers Hall introduces patients to the benefits and technology of the “The Wand – Needle-Free” Freezing. At Dental One we use technology such as the “The Wand – Needle-Free Freezing” to make your visits comfortable.

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