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General Dentistry

Dental One | Teeth Cleaning | General DentistryWe have broken our Downtown Calgary General Dental Services into sections so that you can find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

As a Calgary General Dentist, we recommend that you contact us at (403) 590-7645 if there is a specific general dental service you need further information on.

Regular Dental Visits

One of our primary general dentistry services at Dental One is Dental Hygiene. With a qualified Hygiene Team in place, we can provide our clients who are looking for fast and efficient service with the Hygienic care that they need in the short time they have due to their busy schedules.

Hygiene/Periodontal Therapy

We provide a FULL range of General Dentistry Services and below are listed some of the most common procedures. If there is a specific service is not listed, then please call us at (403) 590-7645 to inquire.

[list of services]

Our Downtown Calgary Dentists in Bankers Hall invite you to call us at
(403) 590-7645 to book your General Dentistry appointment today!