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CEREC Dental Crown Restorations

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CEREC Dental Crown Restoration technology is a computer based system that allows your dentist to prepare and cement your crown in only one visit.  Utilizing a high resolution 3D camera, and a milling chamber, your dentist is able to design and create your crown in the same appointment.  Best of all, you are able to watch the entire design and milling process!

CEREC’s goal is to save as much of your own existing tooth structure as possible, while utilizing a high strength, long lasting ceramic-porcelain material to replace missing or damaged tooth structure.

What this means for you is that a digital camera replaces impressions, there is no need to wear a temporary for 2 weeks as you leave with a permanently bonded restoration in a little over an hour.  Best of all, you do not need to return to be re-frozen to insert the permanent crown or onlay.

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