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Dr. Jana Boychuk

Dr. Jana Boychuk is a General Dentist at Dental One Bankers Hall.

Dr. Boychuk , Calgary Dentist

About Dr. Jana Boychuk

Dr. Jana Boychuk was born and raised in Saskatchewan and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. Jana has been practicing dentistry in Alberta for over twenty years and is proud to call Calgary her home.

Jana is passionate about dentistry, caring for her patients, and creating an exceptional team. Jana's goal is to provide individualized care while creating beautiful smiles. To that end, Jana devotes much time to dental continuing education courses where she learns about the latest treatments and materials that dentistry has to offer including cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign.

Jana maintains an active lifestyle when not practising dentistry or attending dental courses. Jana and her husband, Mike, enjoy travelling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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