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The Dental One Mission

At Dental One our mission is to provide a superior level of comprehensive dentistry for our patients, utilizing the latest technologies and the best materials available in the world.

What does this mean for you? It means that your dental treatment will be comfortable, effective, precise and the results will speak for themselves.

Calgary Emergency Dentist

We truly hope you don't ever require the services of an emergency dentist in Calgary, but if you ever do, Dental One can treat you or a loved one any time, day or night. Weekends and holidays, too. Please save our number and use it if you ever experience a dental emergency. 403.590.SMILE

There are not many things as maddening or as uncomfortable as breaking a tooth on a weekend or while on holiday. The very notion of having to wait days to have a broken tooth fixed can be a major frustration. We are Dental One, and if you really need our services right away, we will be your emergency dentist in Calgary. Whether you live in Alberta or are just here visiting, we can be your emergency dentist in Calgary. Just give call 403.590.SMILE and tell us what happened to your tooth. We won't make you go through the entire weekend with a sharp, broken tooth. We are your emergency dentist, if and when you need us.

Not every dentist in town is willing to be your emergency dentist in Calgary. Many dentists went into their field of medicine because a dentist generally keeps more 'normal' working hours than other doctors.  Dental One is pleased to provide the services of an emergency dentist in Calgary, if and when needed. Please save our number into your phone. Then you will have easy access to emergency dental services in Alberta, Canada. We hope you never us, but if you do, call us. You will find Dental One in downtown Calgary at the 9th Avenue SW entrance to Bankers Hall. We are open during regular business hours, but we will provide emergency services after hours and on weekends, if and when necessary. Please call for office hours and driving directions. Calgary Emergency Dentist
Dental One
(403) 590-7645
#169 - Bankers Hall, Calgary, Alberta T2P 4K1

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Calgary Emergency Dentist
As a Downtown Calgary Dentist located in Calgary Place, we invite you to call us
at (403) 232-1152 – Calgary Place – to book your appointment today!